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Kern County Animal Services

3951 Fruitvale Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93308

(661) 868-7100

Foster Care Program Application

The goal of the Foster Care Program through Kern County Animal Services (KCAS) is to give animals that might not otherwise be adoptable a second chance to find a loving home. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for wanting to help the animals in our facility by becoming a foster family. Our foster families provide a safe and healthy environment for young animals to be able to grow; and injured, sick, or under-socialized animals a place to heal. Since the inception of our Foster Care Program, special participants, just like you, have saved thousands of dogs and cats, which would have otherwise been euthanized. Foster Families provide the love, patience, and dedication their fosterlings need.

What are the responsibilities as a foster family?
  • Provide a safe, clean, caring environment.
  • Provide water, toys/enrichment, and shelter. We will provide food.
  • Provide exercise and socialization as appropriate.
  • Monitor any medical and/or behavioral problems.
  • Transport to/from any necessary appointments at our shelter or outsource Veterinary hospital.
  • Actively participate in marketing your foster dog.
  • Carefully read all documents & carefully follow all instructions that KCAS provides.
If you are interested in fostering dogs/puppies, please first submit the foster application. Then contact the foster coordinators at or 661-868-7130.

If you are interested in fostering cats/kittens, please first submit the foster application. Then contact the foster coordinators at or 661-868-7131.

Only Kern County residents will be eligible to participate in the Kern County Animal Service’s Foster Program. Animals eligible for foster care are only those animals that have been identified as eligible by the Foster Coordinator, Supervisor, or Director.
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Foster Care Program Application

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Type of Animal You Are Interested in Fostering

If you rent, does your rental agreement allow animals?

Are all of your animals in the home spayed/neutered?

Are all animals you own current on vaccination and licenses?

Would you be willing to have your property checked before taking animals into your home?

Are you able to keep foster animals separate?

Have you fostered an animal before?

If you are going to foster a dog, does your residence have a fenced yard?

On a daily basis my foster animal(s) would be alone for:

Are you capable of administering pills to a fosterling if necessary?

Are you capable of adminstering injections to a fosterling if necessary?

If the foster animal becomes ill, do you agree to contact the KCAS Shelter immediately?

If necessary, can you transport a sick or injured foster animal to a veterinarian?

Have you or anyone in your household ever been convicted of any animal related misdemeanor or felony abuse?

Have you ever had any parvo positive or parvo exposed animals on your property?