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Kern County Animal Services

3951 Fruitvale Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93308

(661) 868-7100

Rescue Partnership Application


To be eligible for the Rescue Partner (RP) program, your organization must:
  1. Be a non-profit (as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code) animal rescue organization
  2. Be operated for the purpose of animal adoption
  3. Have no criminal or administrative violations involving crimes against animals
  4. Be in compliance with all animal-related laws

Application Process

Organizations interested in becoming RP's must complete this online application which will include attaching the following documents:
  • Your organization's 501(c)(3) IRS determination letter
  • Your organization's statement of purpose, indicating the primary breed/species that the organization rescues
  • The adoption agreement used by your organization when adopting animals into new homes
  • The list of people authorized to place a hold on an animal on the rescue's behalf
  • The list of approved Foster Homes in Kern County
  • The list of locations (other than foster homes) in Kern County used to house animals
  • The signed Rescue Agreement

Important Notes

If RP is located within unincorporated Kern County, Kern County Animal Services will conduct a property/kennel inspection prior to approval.
Please check that you agree before continuing.
By continuing I agree that I am willing to complete a digital version of the document(s) and that information about my user session will be stored.

Rescue Partnership Application

General/Contact Information

Note: The email address entered below will receive a copy of the application upon submitting.

Veterinarian Information

Do you have animals that are housed in Kern County?

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Number of Animals Housed in Kern County

If your organization is not located in Kern County, enter 0 for Number of Animals housed at Rescue Partner Address.

Please ensure that all information is correct BEFORE clicking Continue, as you will not be able to edit any entered information once the PDF is generated.

Next Steps:

Click Continue to view your application. Do not save or print this PDF. You will receive a copy of your application in your email after you have submitted it.

After reviewing the information, click Submit and Sign. (Note: If you discover any errors at this point, you will need to submit a new application.)

You will then be prompted to upload the supporting documents to go with your application.

After the upload process is done, you will then electronically sign your application.